Hello Kitty Caramel Apples

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I decided to make some cute goodies this evening. I recently saw a Hello Kitty cake a friend of my “guy friend” made and knew I wanted to do something with this character. Making these caramel apples brought back fond memories of being a youngin’ collecting Sanrio stationary. The good ol’ days~ Hahaha

What you’ll need to create these: apples, caramel, white chocolate, black icing, yellow icing, red icing, mini pretzels, cupcake baking cups, sticks.

Tip: If you’re having trouble finding sticks for your caramel apples, feel free to use chopsticks like I have. Being half Asian, I have plenty of spare chopsticks lying around my place. haha~ If you have ribbon, I suggest putting little bows on your sticks for extra girliness. I looked all over my place but couldn’t find any. grr~ Next time… lol ;)